10 Solid Reasons To Use Genesis Themes For Your WordPress Website

If you are using WordPress, you know why it’s an awesome blogging platform. I like it because I can create a blog within 5 minutes without knowledge of coding. I can use and manage it easier than any other blogging platforms that I have used. Currently, I am using it on 3 blogs including Openthrive.com.

Themes and plugins are the backbone feature of WordPress. Plugins are used to modify the functionality of WordPress installation according to requirements, while themes are used to give it an attractive look. But! selecting a better WordPress theme or plugin is another big challenge.

Selection of WordPress plugins is not a big issue until and unless you are running a large website. However, selecting one theme from the list of thousand WordPress themes is really a difficult job. In this post, I am going to make your selection process a little bit easier.

There are thousands of WordPress theme provided by hundreds of theme companies. I had used themes of more than 5 WP theme sellers, but I stopped on Genesis Framework by Studio Press. Now I am using genesis on my all blogs and proudly recommend other smart bloggers.

Why Genesis Theme?

Genesis theme framework is one of the best WordPress framework. It is used and appreciated by many top bloggers like Neil Patel, Darren Rowse,  Joost de Valk, Jay Baer, Chris Brogan and many others. It’s awesome not only because top influencers are using it. Genesis framework is better than other WordPress themes, that is why top bloggers are using it.

In this post, I am listing some solid reasons why genesis theme is better than others and why you should prefer this for your next or existing project.

1. It is Lighter and Clean.

Genesis theme works with the combination of Genesis framework and a child theme. The framework is basic layout of whole design and functionality of theme, while child theme is just like painting and decoration. So, you will have to install genesis framework first, to use any genesis child theme.

Due to framework and child theme two separate system, total theme installation become lighter and clean. Main PHP and other bulky code work from the background of the installation. Only child theme of few Kbs is loaded with the website.

2. Built-in SEO Options.

Genesis theme comes with full SEO options that you will ever need. Although you can also other SEO plugins, but its option in more than enough for any type of blog. If you think another SEO plugin is better for you, it’s SEO option will be disabled automatically installation of your favourite SEO plugin.

3. Automatic Update.

Genesis theme has the option to enable automatic update. If enabled it will be updated to the next version automatically. If you don’t want an automatic update, you can also request to receive an email notification for the update. Then, you can update later if you want by keeping the look and condition of your blog as it is.

4. Designed for Security.

WordPress website security is one of the common challenges for WordPress users. Although any thing is not ideal, but Genesis theme has better security environment for your WordPress installation. Officially makers of genesis say “It comes with Airtight Security: Choose Genesis, which adheres to WP security best practices, and it will be.”

5. Widgets & Layout Options.

It has the custom widgets that you can use on any area of your site. It also has six-page layout options for your different purpose. Genesis theme comes with landing page template along with archives, blog and custom 404 pages.

Unlike other theme or theme framework, you don’t have to touch any code to add widget on any part of your blog. You can use the combination of different page layout and Widget to design a unique home page.

6. Responsive HTML5 Designs.

Genesis child themes are designed with latest designing trends to meet industry class quality. Its child themes are HTML5-compatible, beautiful and highly customizable. They have designed almost every theme for any device.

7. Professional Themes For Everyone.

Genesis framework has a large collection of responsive child themes for any type of website or blog. Unlike other WordPress themes, every child theme looks like a professional theme, so you can use it even without any modification. Officially and also from a third party, it has a large option of child themes for any type of website or blog.

8. Highly customisable.

You can modify genesis theme for any type of blog or website. If you need a clean and minimum design, you can use it’s any minimal child theme. In case if you want a highly customised design, you can select any suitable child theme for your customisation project.

9. World Class Developers.

Genesis can be used for any type of web design project. Whether you want a unique design for your small blog or a fresh design for a large WordPress website, you can use it.

If you want a custom design, genesis community has a list of talented, reliable and affordable designers. In custom, design developers use lots of code that effects the speed of the website. But, if you use genesis, which already has less and cleaner code, it will never effect the performance of your blog.

10. Pay One time for unlimited  Everything.

Buying Genesis framework and child theme is an only one-time investment. For theme developer, it takes less development time which means lower costs. No monthly or yearly subscription. You can use one theme on unlimited domains.

StudioPress the seller of this theme gives unlimited support, unlimited updates on all your unlimited websites. So, for one payment you get everything for life.

Options to Buy Genesis Theme.

You can buy a genesis child theme and framework in any one of three ways.

First: Only Genesis Framework

If you want to use child theme by third party providers you can buy genesis framework only.

Price – $59.95

Second: Genesis Framework + Child Theme

If you want to use any theme by StudioPress you should buy Theme and Framework.

Price- $99.95

Pro Tip: Top 10 Genesis Child Themes

Third: Everything With Pro Plan

If you want everything by StudioPress, you can buy a genesis pro plus package, which comes with all existing and future themes. Get all existing and future’s themes with genesis framework. If you have more than one blog or if you are a developer, most probably should buy pro plus package.

Price- $499.95 that is Saving of $1200

Genesis Pro Plus Package


Genesis theme is one of the most popular WordPress themes. Almost everyone who uses WordPress knows about this theme. But due to slightly higher price bloggers do not use it. But if you can afford the price, then it is the best WordPress theme for you. If you cannot afford and want to use the professional theme, don’t forget to checkout top WordPress theme providers.

Which theme are you using? Are you using Genesis? Please don’t forget to share your WordPress theme expedience in a comment below.

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