360 Degree Marketing Audit Services

Just doing what’s needed is not the right way to do things. You need to keep a check regularly, audit your past and current actions, analyse the efforts and maximise the results to take the business to new heights.

It’s okay to start doing, but scrutiny must always deserve a place to help you grow.

About Openthrive 360 Degree Marketing Audit Services​

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Why 360 Degree Marketing Audit?

As a business, you may have set up a lot of channels to get traffic, leads and profits. But, do you really think all of those are performing in their most efficient way? To get an answer, you must have a well-versed plan to conduct a stepwise audit that doesn’t leave a needle in the haystack.

360 Degree Marketing Audit helps in reviewing and analysing every aspect of a marketing plan that you implemented, or plan to implement. With this process, you get a clear view of the path that your business has been following till date, and the one that it needs to follow to improve the situation towards growth.

A lot of business owners know a lot about their products, but know very less about their customers and the kind of marketing their business must do. After the 360 Degree Marketing Audit is carried out, you’ll be able to see clearly the hurdles, the blockages, the not-so-productive elements, the good-looking harmful marketing messages, the offensive elements plus the good parts of the current marketing strategies.

Implementation:The Openthrive Results

The straight result from your Marketing Audit is ROI.

You bluntly get to know whether your customers are willing to stay with you or are secretly planning to move on. Even if you love everything about your company and its service, it’s not necessary that your customers will also be in the same opinion. This Marketing Audit will help you draw a clear conclusion what exactly is not required, and what all things are deadly important for your marketing.

Change happens for good, and so will your business experience it. The transition from old marketing tactics to well-brainstormed ideas and implementations will be smooth and visible to your customers as well. They will appreciate your efforts as ultimately it will affect them in a positive way. Happy customers mean more number of happy customers, and hence more revenue.

That’s why, you must have a regular audit for your marketing strategies and everything related to it, so that your business never goes off-track.

Brand Identity and Architecture

Your brand identity must be like a person with a beating heart. You must be very sure about the kind of personality you want to portray as a company for your customers. The tone of your marketing messages on the website, emails, social media channels etc must echo in similar tone, talking to a particular set of audience every time.

A confusing brand personality gives out wrong messages to the users and they become skeptical of staying connected with your brand. A well done Marketing Audit will help you create the right image as a brand that people can trust and buy from. The tone of voice, logo, graphics, colors, taglines, blog etc are some of the metrics that you can look up to for getting an idea about the brand identity of any company.

Why Openthrive?

This is The Most Important Question That We Expect From You Today. Yes, We Are Another Marketing Agency. But Here Are 3 Core Reasons That make Openthrive Completely Unique In Marketing Service Space.

Team collaboration

Team Work

You Get A Complete Team Access & Save More Than 60% On Marketing Budget. We Hire Only Experts & Full-time Employees For Your Projects. No Freelancer, Never Outsourcing & Interns or White label.

taskboard discussion


Our Approach is Little Unique. You & your company shared a single TaskBoard With Our growth oriented Marketing professionals. See What's going on Real Time. You can See & Speak Your Mind Anytime.

Report Dashboard

Realtime Report

Our Goal is connecting a people & your company So that, they change their relationship as your customer. For this, we give you a transparent system to see where is the loophole.

Our 360 Degree Marketing Audit Services Pricing

It depends on your product, niche, company size and, of course, your maximum budget.

Service Cost:Paid to Agency Like Us Who Will Do it For You.

 Its price depends on the quality and range of services you get.

Our price starts from $1000 one time cost.

It includes:

  1. Complete Marketing Audit – Performance, Potential, Pros and Cons
  2. Last 6 Month Performance With Clear Data and Numbers
  3. SEO Report
  4. SMM Report
  5. Marketing Automation Audit
  6. Evaluating & Fixing All other moving part of your marketing system.
This plan also include:

A robust and solid marketing and content plan for one year with keywords research & report.

Final Note:All Depends On Your Requirement

Again, 360 Degree Marketing Audit Service cost at Openthrive, depends on the size of your business and the goal you want to achieve every year in terms of customer acquisition and revenue. Honestly, we don’t know how much your project is going to cost for our services, until knowing your goal and expectations of service.