5 Reasons Why Email Marketing Works [Infographic]


This is guest post contribution by Karthik Reddy from Websitebuilder

Email marketing is a smart practice that is very effective when implemented in marketing campaigns. Email is a rather traditional communication means but is still relevant in 2017. Email is one of the best ways of sending messages to an individual or to a group of people. In this article I will identify the key reasons why email marketing will work for you?

Emails reach more decision makers

according to Websitebuilder internal data, 64% of the decision makers read emails. It is paramount to have an audience that are the final decision makers that will increase your chances of making a sale. This fact shows the effectiveness of email marketing.

Emails influence mobile purchasing

Emails from companies play a very important role of influencing the decisions of mobile purchasers. In the 21st century almost everyone has a phone. Automated email notifications make it almost impossible for your audience not to open your marketing campaign sent via email.

Most companies communicate their products or services successfully via email, an average of 71% of the mobile purchases are based on emails received. 91% of mobile users check their emails at least once a day on their phone, making emails an effective marketing strategy.

Primary channel for lead generation

According to Mailigen 89% marketers say that email is their primary channel for lead generation. Good sales lead and opportunities can be generated through effective email. Email Marketing enables marketers to target the potential customers directly. Access to your targeted audience enables the marketer to implement successful marketing campaigns.

Driving force behind big sales days

Custora noted that email marketing was the biggest driver of Black Friday sales, with 25.1% of sales coming from the marketing channel. Positive results are expected once email marketing is applied in big sales promotions.

Email delivers better than social media

Email delivers a ROI that is 3 times higher than that of social media, with an average order value that is 17% higher – this is by Mckinsey. Email marketing has proved to be more effective when compared to social media marketing means such as Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and amongst others. In short email marketing will increase your net income through additional sales realised.

So here is a detailed infographics on email marketing with the facts perhaps you don’t know.


119 Facts You Don’t Know About Email Marketing


Email marketing is slowly gaining popularity among marketers across the world. It is applicable to any company, group or individual who seeks to reach out to their existing or potential customers.


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