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Transformation of an outdated website into two separate functions - Complete B2B marketing project with B2C retail integration

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Overview & Challenges

Prad Automotive had an outdated website, built on old technology. Its eCommerce system didn’t work, and ultimately visitors used to message them on WhatsApp to ask their queries about specific products. They clearly had a demand. But handling every eCommerce activity manually is a herculean job, with marginal ROI.

Prad is a leading Off-Road Vehicle Accessories manufacturing company in Bengaluru, India. They’ve driven the off-road industry forward through design innovation, creativity, and brilliant engineering.

The company approached us to redesign its eCommerce website in order to establish its brand identity & user experience, get found easily by its audience, and improve its sales numbers. The team was managing everything manually, and so was super exhausted leading to stagnant business revenue.

Our Solution - The Strategy & Work

Marketing consultation & revenue growth strategies to scale & automate B2B operations. Additionally omnichannel B2C eCommerce store for brand establishment.

We started by segregating their audience types into B2B and Retail. From this point, each and every element of their business transformed into two – their websites, marketing methods, messages, user journeys, sales funnels, and even the expected user actions.

Their main HQ website was built on WordPress and the retail website on Shopify. Because of the nature of these products, the target audience is quite specific, and their marketing and sales channels were also fixed.

To build the omnichannel sales and support system, we used a combination of tools and commerce strategy. Through the automated systems, they were able to recover 47% of the lost revenue on their website.

Outcomes & Results

Within 3 months of the launch of both websites, they ranked #1 on Google search results for top industry-relevant keywords. Their sales through the digital channel got to 600%, and all this happened without any ads.

And, if you look at the productivity of the team, they’ll tell you how easily they get orders, communicate with their customers and provide them with omnichannel support.


Prad Automotive already had a great reputation in the off-roading industry in India and a few other countries, but everything was offline. We leveraged their brand to build it on digital channels, using the right technology, unique strategy, and a superhuman execution team.

Now the company has a partnership with Openthrive for ongoing marketing & commerce strategies and implementation. We now have a target to 10x the current revenue by the end of 2024 and more in the coming years.

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