RaySecur - Case Study

RaySecur™ has developed a breakthrough technology based on millimeter waves, capable of detecting and confirming powders, solids, liquids and all forms of CBREs inside envelopes and small packets.

The second-generation technology, a far more advanced version of the tech used at airports, relies on dynamic video scanning from all possible angles—a vast improvement over traditional X-ray two-angle-only static scanning.


RaySecur had great ideas, but their market reach was not enough to show their capability and get business. Marketing plays a vital role to showcase the innovations and new technologies. Then RaySecur decided to revamp their website and show the world about the possibilities in the space of security.

We, at Openthrive, as an Inbound marketing service company, joined hands with RaySecur to validate, collaborate and promote their products and services to the right audience. The complete Account Based Inbound Marketing has been performed successfully with RaySecur.

Some Prominent Results

  • 392% ROI On Openthrive Investment
  • 10+ Deals Closed With Fortune 500 Clients & Govs
  • 321% Leads To Customers Conversion

1.Website design and CRO

A Website is the mirror of your Company. Everyone visits your website to explore your offerings at the first place. So, we did their website again with the right content and optimised design.

Before us, the people visiting their website weren’t actively browsing and responding, and hence RaySecur wasn’t able to achieve the goal they actually intended. Their website visitors were not converting.

And so, we did a complete audit of their website, and performed Conversion Rate Optimisation to increase the number of conversions of website visitors and leads into their customers. After which, the number of such conversions they get has increased by 321%.

2.Inbound Marketing Funnel

Sales and marketing love Funnels, as they enable every prospect and lead to flow and take actions like magic. The inbound strategy including the marketing and sales funnel did serve our client well, and is still doing great. We started with understanding RaySecur’s prospects, their problems, solutions and their buying habits. We worked with modern and engineered inbound marketing strategy, that gave results from its core.

3.Email Outreach

For RaySecur, we created several email campaigns with relevant landing pages to reach out to possible leads. And it helped them to gather engagement from the receivers. We designed every email sequence individually, no copy-and-paste stuff because we understand that each customer’s needs are different from others.

Our Outreach marketing goal has always been to reach out to the right people at the right time to tell about the brand story. It involves a plan that might embrace multiple channels through one person.

4.Marketing Automation

Our marketing automation service enabled RaySecur to market across channels, segment their audience, target them with personalized experience, save time and the results were tremendous, and still continue to be. Marketing automation helps sales and marketing teams to focus on customers rather than processes.

5.Niche Blog Development

We helped RaySecur develop their own niche blog from scratch. RaySecur’s blog stands out as the best blog in their niche of mailroom security. We understand what their readers want, create useful data with statistics and figures, and inspired them to deliver new things instead of boring stuffs.


RaySecur Newsletters were created with professional look using advanced tools, with ease of managing their database contacts. We strictly used efficient delivery platforms with high deliverability. Powerful reporting and analysis helped to get high level view of their campaigns.

7.Enterprises Sales Enablement

We set up their CRM and helped RaySecur stay connected with their customers, streamline processes, save money, eliminate the use of a lot of manual work and improve profitability.

Data is everything in the modern seller’s world. RaySecur has high quality sales content on their website. We centralized all contents in one location, which enabled the salespeople to find these resources quickly. The process is now so well-defined that they we able to close deals with 10+ Fortune 500 companies, including top countries government agencies (can’t reveal the names for security reasons).

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