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Who doesn't love an ever growing email list! Capturing emails and hitting great conversations with them leading to effective marketing and possible sales.

Let us guide your leads into meaningful conversations.

About Openthrive Email Marketing Services

Digital Marketing

Emails With Purpose

Great companies and great marketers believe in the power of an email. Every email written should have a purpose, be well thought of and well-written. Just to keep your customers in touch, beautiful monthly newsletters should be sent across to them.

A conversation happening over an email between a company and its customer builds authenticity and trust in the mind of the customer. It becomes clear that there’s a human talking to them who can feel like he feels, and therefore he believes that his issue will be resolved.

Email Strategy Implemented

Constructing an effective drip email campaign including the relevant landing pages, if required, would help you gather engagement from the receivers. High open rates, click-through rates and responses should be a habit if you do it right. The whole campaign is supported by a solid network of emails, including the subject lines, CTAs and important links.

A relationship developed and nurtured through emails goes a long way and you come out to be professional and a useful person at the same time. We design every email sequence individually, no copy-and-paste stuff because your customer’s needs are different from others.

What we offer

  • Email campaign management
  • Email content seeding
  • Email drip campaign strategy
  • Researched CTAs [design & content]
  • Increase email open rate
  • Increase email click-through rate
  • Email automation tool setup
  • Email list building
  • Landing page for special email campaigns
  • Email analytics and report

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