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Product Hunt: Curation of the best new products, every day.

Angellist: Where the world meets startups.

Erli Bird: Where great new products are born.

Beta List: Discover and get early access to tomorrow’s startups.

Startups List: Collections of the best startups in different places. Find. Follow. Recommend startups.


Assembly: Co-create new ideas no matter where they are.

Founder2be: Find a co-founder for your startup.

CoFoundersLab: Find a co-founder in any city, any industry.


Coursera: Free online classes from 80+ top universities & organizations.

Khan Academy: Free, world-class education for anyone, anywhere.

Launch This Year: Guide to help you launch your online business.

Startup Notes: Startup School invites amazing founders to tell their story.

Closed Club: Browse shut-down start-ups & learn why they closed down.

How to start a startup: As an Audio Podcast or As Online Course

Startup Talks: A curated collection of startup related videos.

Codecademy: Learn to code interactively, for free. Learn from successful entrepreneurs each week.

The How: Learn from entrepreneurs. All free programming learning resources.

The Lean LaunchPad: How to Build a Startup.

TalentBuddy: Learn to code.

Mixergy: Learn from proven entrepreneurs.

Skillshare: Unlock your creativity with free online classes & projects.

Hackdesign: Receive a design lesson in your inbox each week.


Email1K: A free 30 day course to double your email list.

ChargeWhatYou’reWorth: Free course on charging what you’re worth.

Product Psychology: Lessons on User Behavior.

UX Newsletter: Tales of researching, designing, and building.

Startup Digest: Personalized newsletter for all things startup in your area.

Mattermark Daily: Curated newsletter from investors & founders.

UX Design Weekly: Best user experience design links every week.

Design for Hackers: 12 weeks of design learning, right in your inbox.


Foundrs: Co-founder equity calculator.

Ad Spend Calculator: Should my startup pay to advertise?

Pitcherific: Pitcherific helps you create, train, and improve your pitch.

App vs. Website: Should you build an app or website?

Startup Equity Calculator: Figure out how much equity to grant new hires in seconds.

HowMuchToMakeAnApp: Calculate the cost of a mobile application.