Startup Marketing Company

What is a startup marketing company & why do you need One?

A startup marketing company is a body that looks after all the startup marketing activities for your startup or company. Openthrive is one of the top startup marketing companies, that increases traffic, leads and revenue of your business.

A startup marketing company works in a completely different way than your old traditional marketing company as while using a startup marketing company services, you will be discussing ROI and solid results for all the startup marketing activities.

You will find full stack growth marketers, strategists, creative designers, content developers, web developers and consultants, all working in sync with each other in a startup marketing company. Everybody in the team knows the motive behind every task and activity and everyone takes individual responsibility to get the project done on or before the promised time with measurable results.

In today’s business world, you have to take the plunge with a capable startup marketing company if you really want to establish your brand and get quality leads who are ready to pay you for your services and products.

Startup Marketing Company

How is Startup marketing company different from Traditional marketing company?

A traditional marketing company used to be the preferred choice a decade ago. Now, the scenario has changed where every company has to perform their best online, whether or not they go for traditional marketing company.

This is where a startup marketing company becomes of great importance. All that a company requires like running a new promotional campaign, announcing new offers, new products etc, a newspaper ad can go unnoticed while everything that a startup marketing company does will get counted and reap results.

A good startup marketing company should do these:

1. A startup marketing company understands your business from A to Z

With the expertise that a brilliant startup marketing company has in every level of a business, in all industries in general, it can study and analyse your business completely. Your company’s current position in terms of resources, results and action plan are clearly laid out before you by them.
You must be missing out on one or the other revenue opportunities for your company. A genuinely good startup marketing company will help you define your goals and find out more ways to bring in revenue from unexplored sources for your company.

You may or may not have defined your audience very specifically. A great startup marketing company will dive in your company and understand the utility of your products and services, after which they will clearly outline the target market for your product. This will help the whole team of your company as well as their company to sharply target that audience and achieve high ROI on all marketing campaigns and write highly targeted marketing messages.

When this base is set clean, the relationship between your company and your ideal customers will start establishing better.

2. A startup marketing company establishes your brand online

Online presence of any company has various faces. When you work in combination with a startup marketing company, all the aspects of your online presence are managed by the that company itself. In fact, startup marketing is all about online presence, online branding. Better the online brand, better the business.

Having a high-converting user-friendly website is the first step for any company to start with its digital presence. A good marketing company also provides website design and development as a service. After having the perfect business website, they will help you identify the best marketing channels for your business.

It may start with all the popular channels and platforms, but eventually, after regular analysis and results from every channel, the startup marketing company will suggest and implement the future marketing activities, narrowing down only on the better-performing marketing channels.

A superb startup marketing company will create such attractive content for your marketing activities, that you will be positioned as a leader in your industry. You will have a brand authority and people will follow you online for your expertise.

3. A startup marketing company gives a hike on your ROI

One of the main reasons you hire a startup marketing company is to boost your ROI which has been stable and going down lately, possibly. Anything that a startup marketing company does is always done with the ultimate goal of bringing you ROI, which is actually higher revenue than before.

No strategy stays constant forever. Something that’s working today, might not work after three months from now. A great startup marketing company knows this fact and hence works in your favor by checking and updating all its strategies from time to time. This guarantees the success of any company that works with this kind of a marketing company. They make sure that their clients grow with the growing internet industry, or say, digital industry.

A master startup marketing company keeps a close check on your website traffic, number of visits per day, type of audience visiting the website, highly viewed pages and sections of the website, ease of website use for the visitors and so on. This detailed data helps them to recognize where to focus their strategies on, what part of the website needs to be improved, best CTA buttons to use for a particular purpose and finally implement the best curated strategy for your business.

A startup marketing company does everything that gives you more visibility online, builds your brand, get more high-quality leads and ultimately giving your sales team a huge resource which they can convert to your paid customers.

What happens when you don’t hire a startup marketing company?

Nothing much happens! Having an in-house startup marketing team is a good idea if you have the budget, resources, time and space to hire the huge staff of that team, which includes marketing strategists, creative designers, content copywriters, editors and web developers. But, if you’re looking forward to save your budget, resources, time and space, and still want to get all the digital marketing results for your growing company, the best and only intelligent option is to hire a good startup marketing company and work alongside them.

We are a startup marketing company

We are a new age startup marketing company that works as a plugged-in team of your company. At all times, you are kept aware of all the advancements and glitches that come in the way of marketing and hence the full-fledged growth is observed in our clients’ businesses.

At every step of the process, our team works closely with your in-house team and we look after your growth points all the time. Every team member here that has to be involved in your marketing process knows every bit detail about it, the good and the bad, and we take it as our individual responsibility to grow over your best parts and do away with your not-so-good parts.

We have packages that are custom-made for different types of companies depending upon their size and goals. We give exactly what you need because you can’t fit in someone else’s clothes.
For eligible startups, we also provide special package called Startup Grand which gives a huge discounts.

Our services

We provide a wide range of services, as follows:

Digital marketing service
Inbound marketing service
Search engine optimisation (SEO) service
Social media marketing service
Content marketing service
Paid advertising services (Google Adwords, Bing, Facebook, Instagram etc)
It’s very important for your company to go with a highly skilled startup marketing company, not just for name sake. Whatever your current revenue is, you have the capacity to grow it manifold within months of working in sync with a great startup marketing company. You will see the difference when you take the step for your company and be bold enough to let the digital marketing company team work closely with your own team.

If you think this is the important step you should take for your business growth right now, wait no more, and quickly contact us.

Why Openthrive?

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Our Goal is connecting a people & your company So that, they change their relationship as your customer. For this, we give you a transparent system to see where is the loophole.

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