Search Engine Optimisation Service

Grow your business organically and have long-term deep-rooted results through our Search Engine Optimisation service.

We get you rank your website on the top for keywords that bring business not just traffic of people who just increase bounce rate and not benefits in cash.

Overview - Openthrive SEO Services

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The Strategy:From visibility to website traffic

Search Engine Optimisation is that technique that gets you found by those who are looking for you. As fascinating as it sounds, it has a deeper plan of action behind. Every move is planned here so that the results you get can be easily duplicated for your company in future.

The solid SEO strategy that we build at Openthrive consists of the initial setup required to make the website ready to hold the results. SEO is an organic method of building a brand and so it takes approximately a minimum of six months.

Therefore, we prepare a complete strategy for six months that should be strictly followed to see the traffic coming in when the time comes.

Implementation:The Openthrive SEO solution​

Setting up the website, blog and other places where you’re present is just one aspect of SEO. Creating powerful content is major part of the implementation of SEO strategy. If this is not done right, all your prospective customers will scatter away and never see you ever.

An in-depth keyword research with their right use, making sense of all the written content and images and also keeping it interesting and insightful is the key to great SEO.

Why Openthrive?

This is The Most Important Question That We Expect From You Today. Yes, We Are Another Marketing Agency. But Here Are 3 Core Reasons That make Openthrive Completely Unique In Marketing Service Space.

Team collaboration

Team Work

You Get A Complete Team Access & Save More Than 60% On Marketing Budget. We Hire Only Experts & Full-time Employees For Your Projects. No Freelancer, Never Outsourcing & Interns or White label.

taskboard discussion


Our Approach is Little Unique. You & your company shared a single TaskBoard With Our growth oriented Marketing professionals. See What's going on Real Time. You can See & Speak Your Mind Anytime.

Report Dashboard

Realtime Report

Our Goal is connecting a people & your company So that, they change their relationship as your customer. For this, we give you a transparent system to see where is the loophole.

Our SEO Service Pricing

It depends on your product, niche, company size and, of course, your maximum budget. Normally, it costs a little more in the beginning but after few months it price becomes 20-50% than first year.

SEO marketing cost has two aspects:

  1. SEO Software – That You Need to Pay by Yourself. e.g SEMRush or Moz
  2. Inbound Marketing Services Cost – That we provide including setup & running.

Software Cost:Cost Paid To SaaS Provider

Software & system will cost you anything between $100/month to $299/month Depends upon the size of your website. For our professional or higher plan this is absolutely free.

Service Cost:Paid to Agency Like Us Who Run Your Inbound Machine

A Good Inbound marketing cost generally starts from $500/month. It depends on the quality and range of services you get.

Final Note:All Depends On Your Requirement

SEO cost at Openthrive, depends on the size of your business and the goal you want to achieve every year in terms of customer acquisition and revenue. Honestly, we don’t know how much your project is going to cost for our services, until knowing your goal and expectations of service.

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