B2B Marketing Solutions To Drive Sales At Scale

In B2B, the sales process is very long. But a powerful B2B marketing turns all these crazy long back-and-forth sales meetings into one simple conversation, “what’s the next step, send us the invoice”.

What We Deliver

The Most Effective B2B Marketing Service

We are a 100% B2B marketing agency that understands B2B marketing is beyond spray & pray. We start with a strategy to build decision-making trust, rather than convincing anyone to buy something.

Ecommerce Marketing
B2B Marketing Solutions
B2B Marketing Solutions
B2B Marketing Solutions

Integrated Implementation

Beyond B2B Marketing Consultation

As a B2B Marketing Agency, we specialize in digital marketing and inbound lead generation solutions. We don’t stop there – You get a unique combination of the following scopes.

B2B Marketing Solutions
GTM Engine

The intelligent strategy engine for launching new products, entering new markets, and building a new image. Prepare your weapons, and go to market!

B2B Marketing Solutions
Inbound Marketing

The only longterm game in marketing is inbound. Your prospects who don’t even know you today, should be able to find you whenever they look.

B2B Marketing Solutions
Buyer Research

Knowing the buyers in B2B is like peeling onions. There’s always a layer beneath a layer that you need to understand deeply before anything else.

B2B Marketing Solutions

Google loves fast websites. Our headless website design loads your website faster than blinking. Rank high and enjoy the storm of organic traffic.

B2B Marketing Solutions
Content Strategy

A plan to create, manage and distribute valuable content that resonates with your target prospects with the goal of driving engagement and conversions.

B2B Marketing Solutions
Social Media Marketing

Social media in B2B is more for building authority. Impact your buyers without being salesy, and being the centre of knowledge for them everyday.

B2B Marketing Solutions
Email Marketing

Email is not gonna die anytime soon. The art of sharing information with prospects, without intruding their peace, is what we do with emails.

B2B Marketing Solutions
Demand Generation

There’s an audience that doesn’t know they have a problem, & so don’t need your solution. Creating demand means making such audience aware.

B2B Marketing Solutions
Campaign Management

One goal. One audience. One solution. Multiple channels perfectly synced. Designed, managed, and tracked as a single campaign.

B2B Marketing Solutions
Sales Enablement

Strategy, technology, and goals - A system designed for equipping your sales team to make them successful, every day, and over the long term.

B2B Marketing Solutions
Technical SEO

Apart from on-page SEO, there are several underlying factors, controlled technically, that drive the right audience to your website like crazy.

B2B Marketing Solutions
Client Retention

Retaining your existing customers is more valuable, longterm, and drives higher ROI, than battling for converting new customers. It is science.

B2B Marketing Solutions
Marketing Automation

Like moms, you can’t be everywhere, doing things for your prospects and leads, helping them learn & make decisions. That’s why - automation.

B2B Marketing Solutions
Conversion Optimization

Pretty websites are not enough. B2B buying journeys are not the same for every buyer. Still, you got to optimize your website for higher conversions.

B2B Marketing Solutions
Analytics Tracking

Tracking every step the buyer takes (and not takes). Observe closely what’s working, where’s the friction, and what needs to be addressed.

B2B Marketing Solutions
Buying Journey

There’s ideally never one journey your buyers take to reach the decision. Lead with data, design multiple journeys, and keep evolving.

B2B Marketing Solutions
Sales Funnel

Unaddressed traffic is lost traffic. Great funnels grab all opportunities on the website to move you a little closer to the revenue goal, step-by-step.

B2B Marketing Solutions
Digital Ads

To add an extra layer of cheese over your inbound (& outbound) efforts, digital ads work the best. Careful - otherwise you’ll just burn some dollars.

What You Can Expect

Sales-Driven B2B Marketing Solutions

Marketing in B2B is building rapport & relationships before the actual sales start. Openthrive’s B2B marketing solutions catalyze your sales team close deals faster & perform beyond the revenue goals.

No More Crazy Long Sales Cycle

All we know in B2B, the sales process is very long, and sometimes it takes forever to close. Openthrive solves this with a powerful B2B marketing solution to drive your sales meeting for prospects like now or never.

Sales Pipeline Generation At Scale

No matter how big is your deal size, the number is always important. We help you build a robust prospecting mechanism to fill and accelerate the sales pipeline at scale.

Go Beyond Revenue Growth

Sales-driven revenue growth is a price war, anytime a fair competition can beat you. But Openthrie's marketing-driven growth makes customers loyal, hence a market share that no one can snatch away from you.

B2B Marketing Solutions

Case Studies

See Our Work & Delivery.

Transformation of an outdated website into two separate functions - Complete B2B marketing project with B2C retail integration
This Real Estate SaaS company had the coolest product in the industry but saw a slow growth rate. A combination
South-facing business graphs turn North when B2B Marketing (ABM-focused) setup is in place, automation is the backbone, and the sales-enabled
B2B Marketing Solutions

Marketing Investment

B2B Marketing Package

Our pricing structure ensures that our clients receive quality solutions based on their needs & extent of the marketing aggression.


Ideal for building your online presence and attracting more leads organically.

Starts at $5,000/m
+ Performance*


Boost engagement and conversions with targeted, omnichannel campaigns.

Accelerator +

Starts at $10,000/m
+ Performance*


Total omnichannel transformation to capture the market share.

Booster +

Starts at $25,000/m
+ Performance*

Pricing is in USD for USA & Global markets. For India please go further and ask for pricing in INR. We tweak prices based on Purchase Power Parity and also provide pricing in your local currency.

Performance: Based on results/sales generated beyond the goal, ads budget, and activities more than described in the plan.

How We Bring Results

Pilot. Then, Full Sacle.

We understand your concern about the risk of investing resources in something new. So, to keep things simple we begin with a pilot plan.

Pilot Project
Pilot Project

60-90 days complete GTM strategy & plan with small-scale implementation without touching the current workflow.

Stage 2
Stage Two

Total GTM implementation with B2B complex marketing strategies & website. While The pilot project keeps running.

Full Scale
Full Scale

Ongoing marketing strategy & action to grab the market share! Dynamic Marketing team complimenting your marketing department.

Ready To Transform Your B2B Business Growth Through Marketing?

B2B marketing is beyond spray-and-pray like B2C. We help you transform your marketing into an omnichannel engagement that covers everything digital and offline to maximize revenue growth.

Openthrive Agency Solutions - Ashraf Kamal

Fuel Up Your Sales Pipeline Through Data-Driven B2B Marketing Services

Data is the fuel that drives effective B2B marketing strategies. Our comprehensive suite of services is designed to leverage the insights hidden within your data, providing you with a competitive edge.

You need to dive deep into your customer data, market trends, and industry analysis to uncover valuable information that fuels your marketing campaigns.

Through meticulous analysis, we identify your target prospects’ pain points, motivations, and purchasing behaviors. Armed with this knowledge, we develop highly targeted messaging that resonates with your ideal personas. This ensures that every marketing dollar is spent wisely, maximizing your return on investment.

Our B2B marketing services are backed by tangible results. We have helped numerous companies, in the manufacturing, technology and other B2B industries, achieve substantial growth by fueling their sales pipelines through data-driven strategies. Our approach covers a wide range of services, including demand generation, lead nurturing, account-based marketing, and marketing automation. We tailor our solutions to your industry and specific business needs, ensuring optimal performance.

Studies have shown that companies that embrace data-driven B2B marketing strategies experience an increase in revenue and a higher customer lifetime value compared to their counterparts. By aligning our expertise with your unique business goals, we ensure that you capitalize on these proven advantages.

In this partnership, you receive unrivaled support throughout the journey, getting guidance and insights that align with your goals.

Data-Driven Marketing Decisions - B2B Marketing Solutions - Openthrive

Top B2B Marketing Strategies Relevant For Next 10 Years

Discover the key B2B marketing strategies that will shape the next decade and drive sustainable growth for your business. These strategies have been identified based on B2B industry trends and emerging technologies, providing you with valuable insights to stay ahead of the competition. By incorporating these proven strategies into your omnichannel marketing approach, you can position your business for long-term success and maximize your ROI.

Personalized and Hyper-Targeted Marketing

Harness the power of data to deliver personalized and hyper-targeted marketing campaigns. Leverage historical customer insights and segmentation to create tailored messaging that resonates with your ideal buyer, as specifically, and as niched down as possible. By delivering relevant content at the right time through their preferred channels, you can enhance engagement, nurture leads, and drive conversions.

Account-Based Marketing (ABM)

Adopt an account-based marketing approach to focus your efforts on high-value accounts. Customize your messaging and offerings to address the specific needs and pain points of key target accounts. ABM allows for a more personalized and strategic approach, resulting in deeper relationships, increased customer loyalty, and higher ROI.

Influencer Marketing

Collaborate with influential voices in your industry to expand your reach and credibility. Partnering with industry thought leaders and influencers helps you tap into their established networks and gain access to a highly engaged audience. By leveraging their expertise and endorsement, you can build brand awareness, establish trust, and drive qualified leads.

AI-Powered Marketing Automation

Embrace the power of artificial intelligence (AI) and automation to streamline your B2B marketing processes and enhance efficiency. AI-powered tools can analyze vast amounts of data, identify patterns, and automate repetitive tasks. By leveraging these technologies, you can optimize your marketing campaigns, deliver personalized experiences, and make data-driven decisions.

Content Marketing and Thought Leadership

Establish your brand as a thought leader in your industry by creating high-quality, educational content. Share valuable insights, industry trends, and actionable advice through blog posts, whitepapers, videos, and podcasts. By providing valuable content, you can build credibility, attract leads, and nurture long-term relationships with your target audience.

Future-proof your business and thrive for the long term. Openthrive is here to guide you through this transformative journey, leveraging our expertise and industry insights to help you achieve your business goals.

B2B Marketing Agency With Omnichannel Approach

Openthrive is a B2B marketing agency that specializes in driving exceptional results through strategic use of an omnichannel approach.

We develop comprehensive campaigns that seamlessly integrate multiple channels and strategies, ensuring a cohesive and impactful brand experience for your target audience.

Through our meticulously crafted omnichannel strategies, we deliver consistent messaging and branding across various touchpoints, including email, social media, website, content marketing, and even offline channels. By providing a unified and seamless customer journey, we enhance engagement and foster stronger connections with your prospects.

We conduct in-depth analysis of your target audience, industry trends, and market benchmarks. This data-driven approach allows us to identify the most effective channels for reaching and engaging your ideal B2B buyers, ensuring that your marketing efforts yield optimal results.

With an omnichannel approach, we effectively nurture leads throughout their buying journey. By delivering personalized and relevant content across multiple channels, we create meaningful interactions, build trust, and ultimately drive conversions.

Partnering with our B2B marketing agency grants you access to a wealth of expertise and resources dedicated to executing a successful omnichannel strategy. We are passionate about helping your business thrive and rise above the competition.

Important Elements Of A Successful B2B Marketing Plan

A successful B2B marketing plan requires careful consideration of key elements that drive results and contribute to long-term business growth. By incorporating these essential components into your strategy, you can create a robust and effective marketing plan.

Business Website

Your business website serves as a central hub for your online presence. It should be visually appealing, user-friendly, and optimized for search engines. A well-designed website provides valuable information, showcases your products or services, and enables lead generation through contact forms or other conversion points.

Target Audience Analysis

Thoroughly understand your target audience by conducting in-depth market research and developing buyer personas. Identify their pain points, motivations, and preferences. This knowledge enables you to tailor your messaging and offerings to effectively resonate with your ideal customers.

Content Strategy

Develop a comprehensive content strategy that aligns with your target audience’s needs and interests. Create valuable, informative, and engaging content across various formats such as blog posts, whitepapers, videos, and infographics. Well-crafted content establishes your authority, builds trust, and attracts and nurtures leads.

Lead Generation and Nurturing

Implement lead generation strategies to attract potential customers and nurture them throughout the buyer’s journey. Utilize a combination of tactics, including gated content, email marketing, webinars, and personalized nurturing campaigns. Consistently provide valuable information and build relationships to convert leads into loyal customers.

Omnichannel Marketing

Implement an omnichannel marketing approach that seamlessly integrates all B2B marketing strategies and channels. By providing a consistent and cohesive brand experience across multiple touchpoints, including email, social media, content marketing, offline advertising, and more, we help you create a unified customer journey that enhances engagement, builds trust, and drives conversions. This comprehensive approach ensures that your target audience receives a seamless and personalized experience, regardless of the channel or strategy they interact with.

Performance Measurement and Optimization

Regularly track and measure the performance of your marketing efforts using key metrics such as website traffic, conversion rates, and ROI. Analyze the data to gain insights into what is working and where improvements can be made. Continuously optimize your marketing plan based on these insights to achieve better results.

B2B Marketing Service Cost That Go Beyond ROI

Investing in B2B marketing solutions is crucial for driving business growth and achieving a remarkable return on investment (ROI).

While it is challenging to provide an exact cost without understanding your specific requirements, it is essential to consider the value and long-term benefits that effective B2B marketing can bring to your business. Generally, successful B2B companies spend somewhere between 3 to 15% of their revenue on their marketing efforts.

The cost of B2B marketing solutions varies depending on factors like campaign scale, strategies used, and goals. It is calculated by considering allocated budgets for advertising, content creation, lead generation, and technology investments.

Partnering with Openthrive, a specialized B2B marketing agency, is a logical step to maximize ROI. We tailor strategies, leverage industry expertise, and identify effective channels for reaching your target audience.

Our access to cutting-edge marketing technologies and tools ensures that your campaigns are executed efficiently and cost-effectively. With a proven track record of delivering ROI manifold, we save you time, resources, and generate significant business growth.

The AI Revolution in B2B Marketing

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is transforming B2B marketing, providing innovative solutions and driving effective strategies. AI’s impact on businesses is profound, offering personalized customer experiences, streamlined lead generation, intelligent content creation, and improved ROI.

AI enables businesses to analyze vast amounts of data in real-time, gaining valuable insights for informed decision-making and optimized marketing strategies. Through predictive analytics and machine learning, AI delivers highly personalized experiences at scale, enhancing engagement and conversion rates.

Automation powered by AI simplifies lead generation and nurturing processes, utilizing chatbots and virtual assistants to engage prospects and prioritize leads. Additionally, AI-powered tools aid in content creation, generating data-driven insights and optimizing performance for engaging and relevant content.

By embracing AI in B2B marketing, businesses can optimize campaigns, allocate resources effectively, and predict customer behavior more accurately. This results in improved ROI, reduced costs, and enhanced overall marketing performance.

Befriending AI is the logical step for businesses to navigate the dynamic B2B marketing solutions landscape. Leveraging AI’s capabilities empowers businesses to stay ahead of the competition and achieve remarkable results. Embrace AI as your ally in B2B marketing and unlock its full potential for driving growth and success.

Popularly Asked

FAQs For B2B Marketing Agency

We have been in the B2B marketing business for a decade now. Over the years, we have served a number of B2B clients from different industries. Our past clients have successfully achieved higher conversions, increased customer engagement, better brand loyalty, increased revenues and a greater market share. For more information, please visit our case study section.

There is no fixed timelines to achieve the results. The timeline for seeing results from B2B marketing campaigns varies depending on the goals, channels, strategies used and the industry in which the business operates. In general, it can take several months to see significant results from SEO and content marketing, while online ads and social media marketing can produce results more quickly.

B2C and B2B marketing aims at solving different set of problems for different set of audiences. Hence, differences approaches need to be adopted in terms of the strategy, implementation, content and channels.

B2C marketing aims at having transactional relationships. In other words, it aims at bringing maximum traffic to your website in order to generate sales as quickly as possible. For that reason, it focusses more on the customer experience. But personalised interactions are not possible in B2C marketing as efficiency is the key here.

B2B marketing on the other hand aims at building personal relationships. Its main focus is to provide the users with maximum information around the services offered so that the users can ultimately take well-informed decisions. That’s why B2B buying process is quite long and focusses on nurturing the leads and building long term relationships.

In B2C marketing, the content needs to emotionally connect with the customer so as to drive sales quickly. Therefore, the content needs to be visually appealing, catchy and highly engaging. Therefore, more emphasis needs to be placed on social media marketing and other outbound channels.

In B2B marketing, the content needs to empower and educate all the people involved in decision making. The content, therefore, needs to be more information-heavy, and need not be very attractive. Personalised channels like webinars, email marketing, white papers, etc are used mostly by B2B marketers.

B2B digital marketing solutions are very important as the B2B products are mostly quite complex and, the audience is very specific. Therefore, it is very important that the decision makers understand the features being offered and the benefits that make it unique. The B2B marketing content needs to be very informative and persuasive at the same time.

The business professionals who make decisions on behalf of the target companies have become quite tech savvy. B2B marketers also need to be very innovative while targeting them. Businesses need to adapt highly targeted marketing strategies in order to increase the customer lifetime value and brand loyalty.