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We Are Marketing Agency For B2B

B2B Marketing & Sales are different. More human-centric than B2C virtual audience-specific spray and pray. Here you target and deal with executives and well-aware decision-makers. This email, that post, and such SEO never work. This is where Openthrive helps you solve your complex B2B marketing needs.


Since 2017, we’ve been committed to building decision-making-friendly B2B marketing strategies for startups, SMBs & large enterprises.

The entire goal of our marketing solution is how you can land on the table of decision-making executives to sell your B2B offerings.

Our Story

How We Have Started & Became a B2B Marketing Company.

Back in 2017, officially we started Openthrive as a marketing agency to help startup solve their go-to-market problems.

Sooner or later, we discovered we have served 30 B2B companies out of 33 clients in our portfolio. And funny part is only 3 B2C companies were eating up 25% productivity of the entire Openthrive team, by paying just 5% of our total collection.

Moreover, we were giving unmatched results to all of our clients who were in the B2B segment.

So in the mid of 2019, we stopped working with B2C companies and became a 100% B2B marketing agency.

Although we love audience-based marketing, but we do it only when B2B companies need to integrate a retail eCommerce store into their B2B operation.

Behind The Story

Two Persons Who Can Take Responsibility for your B2B marketing.

We know each other for more than a decade now. Together we have served 100s of B2B companies to build a strong marketing foundation and sales enablement.

Every project and campaign needs a team for the result. But a team without balanced leadership and vision can’t make an impact. The same thing goes for your marketing & engagement functions.

We give your B2B marketing a true direction and better team work that you can relay upon.

Vertika Nigam

CEO & Co-Founder

Ashraf Kamal

Co-Founder & Chief Evangelist

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