Logenix International

360-degree transformation of an old and outdated website into an enterprise-level logistics website experience that comes with an enhanced design, high-level security, and lightning-fast load speed.

Logenix Case Study

Overview & Challenges

Logenix International provides logistics services to organizations engaged in global health programs, disaster relief, infrastructure, and development projects. They needed a website that could showcase the exceptional work they were doing in the best possible way, especially the humanitarian aid they brought in to the developing nations of the world.

Logenix works with high-profile US government funded projects in the world’s most challenging regions. An enterprise-level logistics company needs to hold their reputation and brand image on digital through a great website experience.

Logenix had not updated its website for a long time. As a result, the website looked more like an old brochure that didn’t speak much of what they literally were doing. The real stories of their work didn’t sound as compelling as they actually were because of the low brand appeal on digital. It seriously needed an upgraded website that covered the various services it provides and the projects it undertakes all over the world.

Our Solutions - The Strategy & Work

Enterprise-level headless website experience design and development solutions to engage and enhance experience

The project was broken down into three parts – user journey strategy, experience design and headless development. Their website was huge and they had a lot of information to showcase.

The tech stack for this project revolves around a fully headless solution, incorporating Sanity, Vercel, and NextJS. A headless CMS represents an advanced technological approach, giving our development and editing teams unprecedented flexibility beyond the constraints of conventional CMS platforms. This framework empowers us to craft highly adaptable solutions, to the extent that users experience seamless navigation similar to a mobile application.

We incorporated videos and graphics throughout the website making it lively and enhancing the look and feel. Each work story now opens as a popup giving the user an interactive experience. To make the website navigation super easy, we designed a quite descriptive Solutions menu, multiple secondary menu bars making switching between pages seamless, and placing the solutions and industries information on multiple pages.

Logenix Case Study1

Outcomes & Results

Modern, well-organized, and highly efficient website experience

The Logenix team was amazed at the speed of their new website. The information on their website is now organized and presented in an optimized way. Resource management has become very convenient thanks to the Headless system. And the overall website experience has gone up to the next level.


Logenix provides global logistics services to the world’s most critical supply chains.

The modern technology and user-centric headless website is poised to give its esteemed clients a world-class user experience. We’ve used highly secured systems, with regular backups and ongoing design and functionality improvements, to make sure Logenix never goes outdated again.

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