Streamlined their B2B marketing and website - 100% organic results, faster conversions, and a growing graph of leads at 0$ paid ads


Overview & Challenges

Printrove has always had a great product team. However, they had a huge challenge to provide its customers the ease of doing business. Their old approach was not working as Printrove is a SaaS company that also manufactures its products. It was a complex business situation considering the lack of strategy and the processes they were using for their customers.

Printrove is a dropshipping software platform for the on-demand printing of products for artists and entrepreneurs as eCommerce sellers. One can launch and run a custom merchandise brand with a series of product ranges and unique designs.

Their audience, the eCommerce industry in India, inherently faces multiple challenges like the cost to the company, taxes, fulfillment, customer support, managing returns, etc. but that’s not it. Printrove’s role was supposed to help eCommerce companies with their dropshipping solutions and make them successful. But there were some challenges they were facing, like – an old-school website that didn’t attract the right prospects, low weekly signups, and a bad pricing strategy

When they introduced the situation to us, the problem statements were superficial, whatever was visible from the surface. This needed us to dig deep.

Our Solution - The Strategy & Work

We helped this B2B dropshipping brand relaunch its online presence through its fresh and modern website and nailed it. It happened by successfully tapping into the untouched platforms and involving the in-house non-marketing team in the process.

We built a clean and light B2B website in terms of design, flow, and content and established their inbound marketing from scratch. It not only included the prospects new to their solution, but also the customers so that they have a strong onboarding experience.

A complete marketing message makeover, easy website navigation to increase signups, B2B marketing setup with inbound, CRM, integration hacking, and building the resources and knowledge base for their customers and prospects – all contributed towards a dramatic business outcome.

This was not a one-day job or even a one-month job. Over months and months, with subtle modifications, their website grew with a proper structure and optimization.

After a year into the inbound phase, we did a thorough content audit of each and every piece of content that was ever created in their company to find opportunities for growth, and plan the next steps.

Printrove’s approach throughout the website and channels became all about educating its prospects and customers. A very well-structured automated lead nurturing system, email marketing, enterprise sales enablement, and niche resources development were a part of the B2B marketing process.

Outcomes & Results

From 1,000 to 15,000 sessions per month with a $0 ad budget and a massive 300% increase in lead generation.

Behind a successful marketing campaign that ultimately brings revenue, there must be a great sales team. Printrove’s team delivered more than expected and we together made it. Previously they were getting 3-5 leads in a week, and now they are able to get 5-10 leads every day. That’s the power of inbound. If you have patience, and commitment to stick to one path keeping space for experiments, inbound is for your business.


This is a marvelous example of how B2B inbound marketing and an engagement-ready website work.

Rome was definitely not built in a day. It took them time and effort consistently without a break to reach this. This dedication and commitment got them great search rankings, favoritism among their customers, and loyalty to their brand.

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